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Who Am I ?

Hi! I am the ‘Justin’ behind¬†Justin’s Journey to a JD.

My blog is about my personal journey through the law school experience. I document the ups and downs, problems solved, books read, and concepts mastered. All of this is from the perspective of a non-traditional college student (starting law school at 28 years old), having two prior college degrees (B.S., M.S.), and leaving both full-time and part-time employment to become entirely dependent on financial aid.

I started this blog as a way to share my experiences with family and friends, especially considering that my time to share would be limited once classes begin. The blog provides an outlet to gradually work on postings and update frequently so that readers can follow along as I learn and refine my skills.

The law, for me, is the next step at fulfilling my professional vision. I am naturally curious about the world around me and often become frustrated when I don’t understand or feel that I don’t know ‘enough’ about something. I am curious about the law and because of its intertwinement with just about everything in our lives, knowing more about it in order to navigate within it is important. For me, mastery will allow me to advocate for higher education (colleges and universities) institutions, stand up for those in bondage with the criminal justice system, and lobby for change in government policies forcing even more drastic disparities between the rich and the less fortunate.

For those of you more about assessment-type ‘about me’ tests, here’s a rundown (click the names for more information):


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